Workers resources soviet republic генератор карт

Does devs have plan to make random map generator for this game? After some time, it will be deffinatly quite boring to play at the same map over and over. Would be great to randomise maps in OpenTT style.

Also, is there planned feature to copy routes to Trucks, It is quite fustrating at time to make trucks same route over and over, simples would just to copy route from already driving truck.

I have same problem. Spawning 10 trucks at the depot and have to make route for each of them individually.

We need a copy feature for route management.

While I don’t mind more maps, a map generator can mostly never churn out realistic maps with wildly interesting features while keeping it in the realistic spectrum like the ‘demo’ map we got now. No algorithm can make a quality map like we have now because some thinking need to get into it.
Custom hand made maps are just of more quality, ofcourse depending on who makes them.

It may sound disturbingly weird but I think rather then a simple algorithm some form of simple a.i. would be good for it. Give it input of a lot of different real life maps differing in geography and heightmaps to let it learn to know what real is.
Google is doing quite a good job at the moment to sharpen photo’s CSI style so to speak. Ofcourse I don’t know how many times it went wrong but that would be a nice experiment to see what kind of maps an ai can come up with this game.

The heightmap in this game is a dds file, right? So basically nothing more then a picture.

Workers resources soviet republic генератор карт

Thanks for visiting my collection for: Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic. I’d like to take this moment to thank all the Modelers that made this list possible, and enhanced this game for our enjoyment. This game has some of the most talented Modelers I’ve seen for a game. I could spend hours trying out these «Works-of-Art» That’s why my list is so large. Well done to each, and everyone of you.👍

I like Mods that enhance the «Beauty & Quality of Life» for the game. I also like Mods that correct certain things to make the game more «Immersive & Realistic. I love variety, so I have a strong mix of NATO & Warsaw Pact Mods, where East can meet West, and have a place in my county (The Untied Republic of Bufu). All Hail Queen, Bufu! 🐾🐱👍

All of my selected Mods have been extensively tested, and work on my computer. Your results may differ depending on your system specs. Please be sure to read the ‘Authors Notes’ and glance through the «Comments Section» to see if issues similar to yours have been addressed/resolved.

My Mod list is pretty extensive (300+), so to make things easier for my visitors to find what they may want, or interested in, I have arranged them in the following order:

  1. Maps
  2. Textures *(Read the «Warning» below)
  3. Asset Packs
  4. Decor
  5. Fences, Gates & Walls
  6. Cargo, Garages & Parking
  7. Storage & Warehouses
  8. Fuel & Power
  9. Agricultural Sites & Associated Equipment/Vehicles
  10. Construction/Resource Sites & Associated Equipment/Vehicles
  11. Worker Barracks
  12. Fire, Hospitals, Police & Associated Vehicles
  13. Government/Military & Associated Vehicles
  14. Commercial, Civil & Municipal Buildings
  15. Residential Buildings
  16. Docks & Piers — Boats & Ships
  17. Buses & Street Cars
  18. Trains, Stations & Yards
  19. Cars
  20. Pickups & Vans
  21. Trucks (Straight & Semi’s)

Some Mods can not be installed automatically when you «SUBSCRIBE» Such as «Väterchen Frost» These files need to be manually copied. After you «Subscribe» just follow the Authors direction, and you should be fine. The following list are those kind of Mods that need this attention:

In Order Of Appearance On This Mod List (Just After The Maps):

  • Cobblestonestreet for gravelstreet
  • New One Way Road Way
  • Pak Updated Texture
  • Prypiat Lamp

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Each of the above texture Mods have a little something different. You’ll have to choose what you like. I love to Mix & Match them. Be careful that one file doesn’t overwrite another. Therefore, I suggest you look at (Test) each of them, before making your final choice.

These Texture Files utilize the following folders inside the: media_soviet folder. They are as follows:

editor, grass, paths, resources, tiles_normal & trees.

I’d strongly suggest that you back up each of these folders in a safe, and easy to remember place, BEFORE you start messing with them.

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic

Градостроительная стратегия покажет вам страну, сильно похожую на СССР. Вы принимаете её разбитой, разграбленной, разваленной. В казне совершенно нет денег, а у людей нет никакой возможности поднимать территории, сажать культуры, ходить на работу, просто потому что нет денег даже на продукты, но вы понимаете, что всё это можно исправить. В Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic вам предстоит возглавить падшую страну, и превратить её в самую сильную республику, сделав сверхдержаву с самыми счастливыми жителями, построившими мировой прогресс.

Вы встаете у руля страны, где практически ничего нет, поэтому первым делом вам предстоит разобраться с экономической составляющей. Разбирайте на крупицы производства товаров и добычу ресурсов, старайтесь на время сократить получаемые материалы, чтобы вывести страну из кризиса. После этого установите свои корпуса с производственными цехами, чтобы расправиться с безработицей.

Прокладывайте дороги и сделайте бесплатным проезд, пока люди осваиваются с новым правителем. Старайтесь рассчитать пути так, чтобы люди больше спали, и меньше двигались на работу.

Когда больше 70% людей будут загружены работой, постарайтесь организовать для них атмосферный отдых. Сделайте целые районы, где будут стоять кафе, рестораны, детские площадки. Их можно разместить и в жилых районах, однако загрязнение не пойдет вам на пользу.

Весь сеттинг — СССР. Здесь мы увидим старые шахты, недовольных людей, ресурсы, купленные за доллары и прочее. Старайтесь вывести страну на такой уровень, чтобы собственная валюта была дороже и стабильнее доллара.

В игре разработана уникальная система подъема промышленности, экономики и транспортной системы. В вашем распоряжении все возможности для того, чтобы побороть нищету, ставить цистерны и заводы, устанавливать собственные законы на цены и рекомендуемую дозу счастья для поселения!

Workers resources soviet republic генератор карт

Hi, first of all thanks for your message.

Yes, the route is completely electrified. The problem I always had was that trains did not want to travel on both legs of the station. No matter what the signal indicates. And no matter what signals

I tried. It was only possible with a loop at the end of the route.
As I said, I do not understand it myself. Because I took the route 1: 1 from other videos.
And it worked. And you also described it in your tutorial.

I’ve tried it for a very long time and this is the only version that works. At least in my game. I do not know if anyone else has as much trouble with it as I ??

But the game is still awesome . 🙂
Keep it up!

I don’t know how you have learned how Signals work but here in the real world this is how it works.

I don’t know how you have learned how Signals work but here in the real world this is how it works.

The first two are Path signals, the last one is Basic Blocks (currently in use by Workers and Resources)

That’s what’s causing confusion for most people.
While path signals of course would be more realistic and better, we can be lucky to have gotten chain signals just a Month after release 🙂

It still does not work. What is my mistake? I built it exactly according to instructions. But a train can not find the station. Although the signal is green .

And the other train does not want to go to the other track. He just stops on his track.

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It might not be something you like, but i’m pretty sure it will fix your problem.

For those who want some designs for some basic junctions that will allow more than one train to access a junction at a time, I created mockups of three that I use. They have to be made more bulky because signals can’t normally be placed inside junctions, and you need those additional signals to break up the junction into separate blocks to allow multiple trains to pass through (as long as their paths don’t intersect.

The X junction or Diamond Crossing allows a train to enter a station and use either platform. It allows the train to continue on as a through train, or return back the direction it came.

The Y junction takes a main line and splits it to allow trains to go in different directions. Easiest to create when you build the crossing point, and then wrap the outside bypass tracks around it.

The Z junction allows a train entering in the right side platform to return back where it came, or continue onwards as a through train.

Игра Workers & Resources Soviet Republic с изменёнными текстурами от мододелов

Ванильная игра выглядит так

С текстурами от мододелов

Может кому пригодится, вот все ссылки на текстурные моды, устанавливаются вручную, инструкция в описание мода что как делать.

Может кому пригодиться

Мне Ванила тоже не нравиться

Блин, неужели в голове не щелкает ничего при написании?

прикол в том что это нахрен никому не упало. это только при написании имеет какое-то значение в отличие от того же одел — надел.

это нахрен никому не упало

Лично тебе != всем.
У меня так клиент от сделки с контрагентом отказывался – говорил, что с безграмотными дел иметь не хочет.

до твоих шизанутых клиентов дела нет честно.
мы в интернете, сечешь? ложил я на вашу грамотность.

Оскорблять незнакомых людей – очень умно, конечно.
мы в интернете, сечешь?

Видимо я пропустил момент, когда это стало ультимативным основанием карт-бланша на безграмотность.
Занятно, что тебя это так задевает, хотя мой изначальный тезис к тебе вообще никак не относился.

Не могу играть в эту игру, потому что глаза болят от кривой графики. А тут неожиданно мод. Даже интересно теперь.

Мне Ванила тоже не нравиться только с этими модами играю.

Грунтовая дорога интересная.
А скиннинг к террейну на неровностях всё равно барахлить будет? (Я о том, что если включить вид из кабины, в некоторых местах видно, что текстурка дороги в воздухе висит).
И ещё такой вопрос: текстуры дороги можно только заменить? Нельзя прокладывать в одной игре 2 дороги с разными текстурами (классика + мод)?

Текстура дороги даже ванильная висит если от первого лица ехать. Текстуры можно заменить каждую по отдельности, но придется по возиться вручную выбирая файлы текстур те которые нравиться. Я себе из трех текстурных паков взял то что мне понравилось получилось так.

Подскажите пожалуйста как установить текстуры

Workers resources soviet republic генератор карт

The breakaway province from an empire that fell to the revolution.

It consists of large, fertile. populated valleys seperated by steep mountains. While there are few passes to the abroad, these are connected by an old railway line, spanning almost all imp.

Liberatia is a country from a Youtube series I’ve taken part in few years ago. It has a special place with me and re-creating it in W&R:SR was a pleasure and a honor

Winter Screenshots possible thanks to 123 and his winter texture pack:

The actual map is called Sørfjord soviet republic, do you have what it takes to develop this sparsly populated map with poor infrastructure to a nice soviet republic to live in?

This map contains sparse settlments which gives .

Ballanced landscape with many flat land but you can find there also some hilly parts.

Greetings comrad, I am reporting to you from the cold and wet Baltico islands. These waters are a quite contested area between NATO and the Warsaw Pact.

In an attempt to ease tensions and to not have the western powers set up a naval base on these isla.

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Great Britain W&R:SR map version 0.2 WIP

I will continually update the map, right now its more of a concept, just a test, there’s the heightmap imported and the English and Wales part is already somewhat playable. Most of the map is just a mess full of ra.

The 4-year-long war has finally concluded and our glorious nation has proven victorious. We have «liberated» this country from the abysmal greed of the capitalists and you have been tasked to handle the borough of Lyubinsk.

Here are the details:

Balanced map with two rivers, huge mountains, hills and peaceful villages.
Oil can be found on the coasts, while the richest iron deposits can be found on the highest mountains.

The Republic of Geuria.
— No Population

An isolated and idyllic bay, surrounded by rugged windswept hills.

Designed for balanced gameplay.
Terrain based on northern Spain.

The map contains mountains, highlands, valleys, plains, sea, islands and more picturesque places waiting to be domesticated.

The Republic of Lublani
— No Population
— Prebuilt Rail

In southern forests, the people come together for the future.

Designed for balanced gameplay.
Terrain based on Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The Republic of Dukana
— No Population

Nestled in the mountains between two superpowers, the micro Republic of Dukana thrives.
This map is designed to be balanced and vanilla-like.

Terrain based on Lake Dukan, Iraqi Kurdisan.

This is a very mountainous map with a large gulf going halfway through the map it also contains a river that flows into the gulf.

The map may get some visual updates to make it look even better.

This map represents the terrain of the Karelian SSR, to the east of Finland, with its many frigid waterways and marshes.

The Karelian SSR offers many challenges to any prospective undersecretary. Apart from substantial iron ore layers, there is little i.

Liberatia is a country from a Youtube series I’ve taken part in few years ago. It has a special place with me and re-creating it in W&R:SR was a pleasure and a honor

This is an Unpopulated version of my old map back from August 😀

Balanced map with mountains, open spaces and islands (you can actively use water transport)

Nymbursko is a region in the Czech Republic I’ve recreated in WR:SR. The map is stylised to fit the game, such as scale not being truly 1:1 or addition of few hills in what is a flat area.

Terrain — Centre is the river Elbe, SW are hills while the rest is.

The map contains mountains, highlands, valleys, plains, sea, islands and more picturesque places waiting to be domesticated.

Somewhere in Northern Canada, 1960.

The resources of this wooded archiplago are plentiful, but most of the oil and iron is located in the more isolated reaches the region.

You may begin by trading with Russia, Canada, or both. Your first task will.

This is a map that contains a large flat area with a river that splits in two and a swamp like area.
The map also contains some big majestic mountains with a large lake that has access to the border so you can use ships.

this is the second map i have made.

Podkrutov’ja, a historic region at the delta of a river Krut. A land of Cossacks, full of towns and small villages.

A detailed map in the spirit of the original map. There are no unnaturally flat grounds and thick resource puddles. .

Welcome to «Eastern Democratic Republic of Purpssia», in short «EDRP»

Eastern Purpssia is country that borders both east and west, it’s landscape is made out of Rocky mountains, Deep forrests, Small grassy plains etc. Eastern Purpssia’s mountains are also.

Republika znajduje się na terenach zalewowych, poprzecinana rzekami i rozlewiskami.
Podniesiony poziom wody zablokował część dróg.
Człowiek ingerował w ukształtowanie terenu osuszając część rozlewiska i
kopiąc kamieniołom.

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